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Specialist Medical and Scientific Writing Services

The ever-changing world of life sciences brings new gaps in the market and new solutions to problems.

Meet Co-Labb Not an agency, a Co-Labboration of scientific writing experts.

Co-Labb is a small team of PhD research scientists, medical writers, and clinical specialists. Coming from wholly diverse backgrounds, we each bring a unique skill set to Co-Labb. What unites us is our passion for medical and scientific writing.

We are small, but mighty. We are flexible and agile when it comes to our client's needs. From our SEO scientific writing to in-depth medical writing and manuscript publications, our scientific writing services will be a game changer for you and your audience.

Co Labb

Medical Writing

Scientific copywriting

Regulatory Writing

Academic Writing

Grant Writing

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Free Download: The Master Guide To Life Science Content Marketing in 2024

In a world where scientific progress moves at lightning speed, staying ahead in life science marketing demands more than just keeping pace. It requires a visionary approach, blending deep scientific understanding with cutting-edge marketing strategies. Co-Labb, your trusted partner in scientific and medical writing, introduces a detailed blueprint for the life science and medical sectors - The Master Guide to Life Science Content Marketing in 2024.

Learn the 7 Pillars of Life Science Marketing Mastery, including:

  • How to identify and understand your audience's needs and wants.

  • How to craft value-driven, customer-centric content that resonates with your audience.

  • Implementing targeted SEO strategies without sacrificing scientific integrity.

  • Enhancing your scientific messaging through strategic graphic design.

  • Measuring content success with KPIs to drive continuous improvement.

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With expert insights from global marketing managers and key opinion leaders:

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Co Labb

Co-Labb Science Writing

What writing services do we cover? From short taglines to large-scale scientific papers and regulatory submissions, you can count on us to put the right content in front of your audience so that you can focus on growing your business.

Our experienced writers specialise in a range of scientific areas, from academic, medical, or technical writing, to copywriting and regulatory projects. Our writing process includes an internal quality control review process, ensuring each project meets the Co-Labb standard.

Blog Articles

White Papers

Website Copy


Social Media Posts

Academic Papers

Manuscript Publication

Manuscript Formatting 

Academic Grant Writing

Other Forms of Academic Work

Clinical Trial Protocols

Clinical Study Reports


SBIR, DoD, NIH Grants

FDA IND Submissions

Informed Consent Forms

Institutional Review Board Applications

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Scientific Copywriting

Medical & Technical Writing

Regulatory Writing & Support

Academic Manuscripts

Life Science
Grant Writing

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Trusted by the best in the business

"Working with Co-labb on a variety of scientific content has been efficient and informed, resulting in quicker execution of campaigns with improved engagement from our target customers. The content written by Co-labb has delivered some of the best results of any campaigns I manage."

Translational Marketing Manager



"Co-Labb supported us in an effective way by quickly understanding our brief and delivering documents quickly with good communication along the way."

Fluid Management Marketing Manager
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Our Team Of Scientific Writers

Working with Co-Labb gives you access to our elite team of top medical writers and scientific copywriters. Our team is stacked with PhD-level professional writers with extensive experience and a flair for medical and technical writing. From your next research proposal or research paper to scientific blog posts and regulatory affairs, Co-Labb has it covered.

We're passionate about producing the highest quality scientific writing and medical content for your next project, and we're proud that we've never missed a deadline. Get in touch and let our writing services shape your next project.

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Ellen O'Gorman
BSc. MSc.


Dan Sheridan
BSc. MSc. PhD candidate

Dr. Hope Needs BSc. PhD

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Dr. Sarah King
BSc. MSc. PhD

Co-Labb founder Ellen, also a Principal Investigator at Citruslabs, speaks about the importance of clinical trial design when it comes to testing consumer products.

Whether you need assistance with your next research paper or grant application, our scientific writers are here to help.
Contact us today to find out how Co-Labb's scientific writing services can help your business.

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