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Cytiva Case Study

Elevating Cytiva's Scientific Content with Co-Labb's Expertise

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Project Overview

Cytiva, a global leader in life sciences and biotechnology, sought Co-Labb's expertise in scientific writing and strategic content creation to engage academic and startup drug discovery labs. The goal was to develop a content campaign highlighting the latest drug discovery trends, leveraging Co-Labb's deep scientific knowledge and experience in the field.


  • To create a scientifically engaging whitepaper and blog series that delves into cutting-edge drug discovery topics such as 'undruggable targets', fashionable models, AI, and 'painting by cells'.

  • To tailor the content specifically for academic drug discovery labs, ensuring relevance, engagement, and value.


Co-Labb’s team of PhD-qualified scientific writers who hold firsthand experience in translational biomedical labs, strategically designed and delivered the content. Our approach was to infuse real-world insights and practical advice into the whitepapers and blogs, making them highly relevant and valuable to the target audience.


Cover of a scientific white paper


“Working with Co-labb on a variety of scientific content has been efficient and informed, resulting in quicker execution of campaigns with improved engagement from our target customers. The content written by Co-labb has delivered some of the best results of any campaigns I manage.” - L.W, Translational Marketing Manager, Cytiva

Need Scientific Writing Solutions? Meet Co-Labb.

At Co-Labb, we specialise in solving our clients' life science and medical writing challenges. Our team of expert scientists and medical specialists are on hand at all stages of the content creation pathway, from strategic design to content delivery and even for the graphic design of the final product.

Get in touch today to see how we can help your business grow!

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