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Hello there! Allow us to introduce ourselves

We are Co-Labb, a small team of passionate science and medical writers that work closely with our clients to provide the best content available. With industry, academic, and clinical expertise, we can take on any project!

Co-Labb was founded from a desire to provide the highest quality scientific writing coupled with impeccable customer service.

Since our inception in 2021, we have gone from strength to strength and now operate with a range of expert scientific writers, each specialising in a particular life science or clinical sector.

Co Labb
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How We Work

Co Labb

Operating as a small team of consultants, we understand and cover all aspects of the life science ecosystem and beyond.

Our writers are MSc. or PhD-level from the top UK research universities. This ensures the highest quality scientific knowledge coupled with our passion for customer service. Trust Co-Labb to get it right for you.

Being an active team of scientists and clinical specialists means we stay on top of the latest developments, ensuring we know what's relevant and what's not.

Our team has the expertise to provide high-quality writing solutions across various areas. We work closely with clients to devise and present material in a format most suited to their needs.

We work very closely with our clients on an individual basis. No hiding behind a big agency name, our writers become embedded in our client's projects and often become part of the team!

The Team

Dan Sheridan

BSc. MSc. Ph.D candidate


Dan brings a wealth of experience from the life science and biotech fields to Co-Labb. Following a BSc. in Biotechnology, Dan completed internships at the biopharma giant Amgen and the medical diagnostic company Trinity Biotech. After, he completed a MSc. in Novel Therapeutics at Imperial College London, before joining the Francis Crick Institute to conduct his Ph.D. in stem cell biology. Dan continues to add to his publication list and consult to a range of global clients for Co-Labb.

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Ellen O'Gorman


BSc. MSc. 

Ellen provides clinical and healthcare expertise to Co-Labb, with multiple years of experience working in London's leading hospitals. Following a BSc. in Health Science, Ellen completed her MSc in Speech and Language Sciences at UCL. Ellen specialises in the patient-focused side of healthcare, allowing for optimal clinical trial design, endpoint and efficacy measures, and patient safety. She currently serves as a Principal Investigator in clinical trials, exemplifying her commitment to advancing healthcare solutions.

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Dr. Sarah King

Senior Scientific Writer

BSc. MSc. Ph.D

Dr. Sarah King holds a BSc in Medical Biology, an MSc in Forensic Biology, and a Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Biology from the University of Huddersfield. Sarah's research focused on cellular ageing and senescence through NAD-dependent signaling. Sarah is a Senior Scientific Writer at Co-Labb, specialising in the areas of academic and technical writing.

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Dr. Hope Needs

BSc. Ph.D

Senior Medical Writer

Hope brings a breadth of experience in molecular and cellular biology to Co-Labb. Hope undertook a BSc in Biochemistry, including a research placement in a cancer research laboratory, before completing a Ph.D. in molecular cell biology. Her research focussed on the mitochondrial basis of neurodegeneration at the University of Bristol, where she is now carrying out postdoctoral research on the molecular mechanisms of Alzheimer’s disease.

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Dr. Eoghan McGrath

Scientific & Medical Writer

BSc. Ph.D

Eoghan is a seasoned research scientist turned writer, holding a BSc. in genetics and a Ph.D in cancer biochemistry. Following multiple post-doctoral positions in the field of oncology research, including at the prestigious INSERM Institute in Rennes, Eoghan joined Co-Labb as a scientific writer.


Dr. Stephen Doyle

Medical Doctor

MB BCh BAO Hons, Ph.D

Dr. Stephen Doyle graduated as a medical doctor (MB BCh BAO Hons) from Queen’s University Belfast. He was awarded the Ulster Hospital Gold Medal and Victoria Colman Prize in Mental Health during his medical training. Stephen is experienced in clinical areas across medicine and surgery as part of the National Health Service and in Public Health as part of the Health Protection Acute Response Team. He continued his academic training through a PhD in Medical Education which focussed on the training and development of healthcare professionals and employed Lacanian psychoanalysis as its methodology.

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Ben Fletcher

Science Writer

BSc. MSc. Ph.D candidate

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