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At Co-Labb, we match our passion for science with carefully curated academic writing.

Our team is committed to generating high-quality, peer reviewed journal manuscripts to ensure the highest quality work.

We provide support at all stages of the writing process from initial writing, editing, analysis, and figure generation.

Our talented writers boast features in a wide range of world-renowned publications and are flexible to meet a range of formatting requirements.

Full manuscript writing

Bringing your findings to life! We partner with companies to translate their scientific or medical findings into impactful publications. From pre-clinical studies, to clinical trial manuscripts, Co-Labb delivers. 

Format & English editing

Sometimes you just need an expert touch. Whether that be for minor edits, final journal-speicific formatting, or proofreading for English language quality, we have you covered.

Publication management

Co-Labb provides a full end-to-end publication solution, incuding management of the publication process. We contact and submit to journals, and handle the reviewers requests, acheiving a hands off publication process!

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End-To-End Publication Case Study

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The Client

Blue Horizon International (BHI) is a leading stem cell therapy provider with clinics globally.

The Challenge

BHI had an abundance of patient data they had collected from their international clinical sites. BHI knew that this data demonstrated the safety of their stem cell treatment for a range of conditions but required expert academic writers capable of transforming this into a journal article and that could manage the publication process.

The Solution

Co-Labb’s scientific team reviewed and examined the raw data provided by BHI and determined that a publication in a peer-reviewed article would be the most appropriate way to present the findings. We designed, analysed, and delivered an in-depth clinical manuscript, and managed the publication process from start to finish. We dealt with the reviewer's comments, providing a true hands off publication solution to BHI!

The Result

Co-Labb delivered a clinical journal article published in BHI's journal of choice, Frontiers in Medicine, supporting their future investigational new drug (IND) application and grant applications.

"Blue Horizon International has been extremely thrilled with the services provided by Co-Labb.  Their extensive knowledge and exemplary scientific writing skills have assisted our organization in moving rapidly forward through dramatically increased peer-reviewed publications.  Co-Labb's research and thoroughness is the best in the industry and their commitment to meeting deadlines makes them indispensable to our company's success."

Elizabeth Mehling

Blue Horizon International 

Partner with Co-Labb and stand out from the crowd. Let us manage the writing and publication of your next manuscript!

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