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Client Success Story: Rainin

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

At Co-Labb, we strive to partner with leading companies across the life science and medical sectors - brands that share our values of excellence and creativity. From precise medical writing to creative scientific copywriting projects, we love to share the success that we achieve with our clients, and how Co-Labb's services help their businesses grow. This week, we introduce our work with Mettler-Toledo Rainin, a brand whose excellence since 1945 has established it as one of the most prestigious brands in the laboratory sciences.

The Client

Rainin is one of the worlds leading suppliers of specialist laboratory equipment and instruments, focused on the highest quality and precision across its product range

The Challenge

Rainin came to Co-Labb with an urgent need for several white paper deliverables in order to meet their end-of-year content schedule. Not only did they require technical writers capable of writing engaging content, but also those with a deep understanding of the challenges and considerations associated with laboratory pipetting.

The Solution

Co-Labb’s team of scientist-writers reflects Rainin’s target audience and understands how to engage readers. In just a matter of weeks, Co-Labb designed, created and delivered three technical white papers ahead of schedule, ensuring Rainin’s content campaign remained on track. This has paved the foundations for an ongoing partnership, as Co-Labb continues to provide content solutions across white papers, product presentations and user manuals.

The Result

Co-Labb produced collaterals will be available across the Rainin websites and socials in the new year.

1. Guide: Tactics for Reducing Plastic Waste in the Lab

2. Liquid Handling Strategies for New Labs: Meeting Time to Market Goals

"We have been super pleased with our collaboration with Dan and the team at Co-Labb. The depth and quality of the content they deliver is consistently outstanding – even under tight deadlines".

Terry Peckham

Head of Global Marketing Communications, Rainin

Need Scientific Writing Solutions? Meet Co-Labb.

At Co-Labb, we specialise in solving the life science and medical writing challenges facing our clients. Our small team of expert scientists and medical specialists are on hand at all stages of the content creation pathway, from concept design, SEO research, content writing, and even for the graphic design of the final product. What do we do?

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