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  • Medi Saunders

How To Create a Great Life Science Social Media Post

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Social media has quickly become a key part of our daily lives in this digital age. You can do everything on social media nowadays, from the latest news updates to finding a job to keeping in touch with old friends— it’s all at your fingertips. With LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok loaded onto our smartphones, we’re never far from a social media update.

With this in mind, social media can be one of the most effective tools for reaching your customers. Creating a strong, authentic brand image and aligning your social media with this image will help your customers find you, eventually grow your following, and result in more sales!

The important thing to remember is that creating great social media posts is all about personal selling, building trust, and developing brand loyalty with your customers. To increase social media engagement, you need to plan a consistent marketing orientation based on your market segment.

Confused? Don’t worry! Co-Labb can help. Read on to learn everything you need to know about content marketing for life sciences.

What Is Social Media?

Social media is the combination of websites and applications that enables users to create and share social content and participate in social networking.

Social media has become an important business tool in recent years as it is a highly effective way to reach new audiences and customers. A strong social media presence can help build brand loyalty, build trust between customers and brands, and ultimately increase sales.

How Can Social Media Help Your Business?

Social media will be an important marketing tool if you hope to grow your business. Social media can help:

  • Increase page traffic. If you have great social media content, social media sites will suggest your page to users more frequently. To do this, you need to ensure the content of your posts is in line with their algorithm. In addition, posting great content will make current followers click on your page more frequently.

  • Raise brand awareness. Posting regularly on social media will help grow brand awareness as your homepage will be exposed to more and more users. Through this,

  • Create strong brand associations. If your social media home page has great photos and professional descriptions, and users can see you replying to comments, they will associate this positive online presence with your brand!

  • Increase engagement with audiences. Make sure to like and reply to all user comments on your social media accounts! Doing this will make customers more likely to comment in the future and boost your engagement!

  • Help you find new audiences. Having a strong social media presence means social media platforms will be more likely to suggest your page to new users. These might be people that have never heard of your brand before, so make sure your page is professional and represents your brand well— First impressions count!

  • Build trust. Having active and engaging social media accounts will make your brand seem professional and current. This will make you seem more trustworthy to potential customers.

  • Build brand loyalty. Having a strong social media presence helps keep current customers engaged with new content and builds brand loyalty. You can tease new products or services you’re offering, keep them updated on changes to your business, or even share day-to-day updates! The content possibilities are endless.

How To Create a Social Media Strategy

There are many elements to social media marketing. In some ways, marketing is a science in itself! You should consider the following steps when designing a great social media post.

Consider your brand

You want what you post to be an accurate reflection of your brand. Ensure your social media content is in line with your other marketing content. It should also contain the same brand colours and fonts for consistency.

Research competitors

Check out what your competition is doing! Familiarise yourself with their processes, caption styles, and posting dates. Whatever your competition is doing, you want to be doing it bigger and better, so if they post twice a week, you should post three times a week on different days. However, there is a fine line between copying and inspiration, so be sure to air on the side of caution to ensure you aren’t plagiarising their content.

Consider your platforms


Twitter was designed for quick, short messages and thoughts. You can also share gifs and pictures and reach other users using hashtags. Make sure your profile is set to public, and you use relevant hashtags in your bio to attract new customers.

Top Tip: using hashtags is a great way to reach new customers. However, using too many is actually detrimental to most algorithms! We recommend using 5 types of hashtag: #WhatItIs #WhoItsFor #RelevantIndustryTopic #HighSearchCapacity #BrandName


LinkedIn is intended for professional use, so your posts will usually be long-form instead of short messages. Hashtags and emojis are also popular on LinkedIn to help boost engagement.

Co-Labb is an expert long-form website content writer. Check out our client success stories here to learn what we could do for your business!

Top Tip: The posts that go viral most often on LinkedIn usually have the following format:





This format causes more people to click on your post, and more clicks mean more engagement. This spike in engagement will cause LinkedIn to show your post to more people, resulting in a viral post!


Instagram is a picture-sharing social media and is one of the most lucrative social media platforms. It’s one of the easiest platforms to facilitate brand growth and is big on hashtags, likes, and comments to measure engagement.

Top Tip: Instagram introduced its ‘stories’ feature a few years ago. This is a great way to engage with your followers! You can post polls, quizzes, locations, countdowns, and so much more!


Last, but by no means least— TikTok.

TikTok has captured the minds of Gen-Z audiences with its short-form video content. TikTok’s FYP (ForYouPage) has caused many brands to go viral and has changed the lives of many users.

TikTok isn’t as big on hashtags. They’re more focused on how many likes and shares a video gets, so focus on making a short video with a high impact! Short, snappy copy is a must in this world of 15-second videos.

Top Tip: TikTok is making waves as one of the most inclusive social media sites. If there’s talking in your video, be sure to use the automatic closed-captioning service to support hard-of-hearing users.

Use analytics

Each social media platform has a dedicated section that lets you dive deeply into your page’s analytics. It should tell you when your peak posting times are, how many visits you’re getting per day and your most popular content.

You should use this information to plan future posts' content and decide what time you will post them. Posting at peak time is a solid social media strategy!

Be patient!

The saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, and neither was a strong social media account.

You need to be patient. Focus on social media planning, post consistently, follow our tips, and trust the algorithm to build your social media presence. You can’t rely on going viral as this isn’t guaranteed.

Sound complex?

Creating a great social media post is a science in itself, and getting the balance of SEO, keywords, and strategy can be tricky. Let Co-Labb do the work for you, and watch your social media engagement skyrocket!


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